Meredith and Peter

Venue: Private Home, Kittansett Club

Photographer: Orchard Cove Photography

Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier

Florals: Sayles Livingston Design

From the Bride…Our wedding was all about easy elegance – although it was in our backyard, Peter and I wanted it to be more than just a backyard wedding! The setting – our home, the water, and the golf course – was the source of inspiration for the entire day. It was romantic with a touch of seaside elegance. Once I picked the dress, it felt like all of the other details fell into place. It was the perfect gown for the setting – airy and romantic. Since we were not having our ceremony in a church, it was important for us to keep the feeling of an altar, so we used a platform to designate the space on the lawn where we said our vows.

We kept the decor for the ceremony minimal – the water and lighthouse provided the perfect backdrop for the service. A palette of white, navy, and blush pink, with silver accents, kept the details of the wedding cohesive. I’ve always loved white and soft pink since I was a little girl, and paired with navy it provided a crisp contrast that evoked the feeling of a summer seaside celebration.

Peter and I had purchased the house before we got engaged and were renovating it right up until the week before the wedding! It was a miracle that we got it all done in time. Additionally, we were a little hesitant about having an outdoor ceremony. Having played a lot of golf right next door, we knew how unpredictable the weather could be and how windy it could get, even on a seemingly beautiful June day. As we spent more time at the house, we knew that we had to take a chance and get married on our lawn, where we got engaged and would spend the rest of our lives together.

After the ceremony, guests headed directly across the road for cocktails and the reception at the golf club, so there was no “break in the magic” of the celebration. At the end of the night, guests took home jars of rosehip jelly, made from the fruit of the Rosa rugosa plant. The native beach rose grows by the water where we were wed.

The most surprising moment of the day came just after my dad and I walked out of the house and across the stone patio, we were at the top of the aisle when the wind caught my veil, which then completely covered my dad’s face! We both tried to pull it back, but to no avail. After what seemed like an eternity, we decided to just keep going down the aisle, which ended up turning us directly into the wind so the veil blew back into place. It was a moment that had EVERYONE laughing and ensured I had quite the dramatic entrance.