At Sayles Livingston Design, we provide advice, flora, fauna, and accompanying décor/staging for any size event- from elaborate destination weddings, to informal seminars, to cutting-edge product launches. We go anywhere, we work with any budget, and, in the process, we do our best to properly take care of our clients. Our services include detailed consultations, as well as full onsite installations.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which you’ll find below; but, honestly, feel free to call or email my team with any questions. We are here to help.

l look forward to working with you!

Warmly, Sayles


Frequently Asked Questions



Though we specialize in floral design, my team can help you plan your entire event; from linen choices to lighting design to the use of other props, furniture, plant material…you name it! We have a wide selection of items available for rent. But, if we don’t have something you need, we will find it for you!



Yes. Truly.


HOW Far Ahead should YOU Contact US?

9-12 months in advance for weddings at peak times. Planning for destination events sometimes requires more notice but we can often accommodate any time frame. Just reach out to us!


How does the process work?

We offer a complimentary initial consultation that is followed by a detailed proposal, which outlines the specifics of your design and the associated costs. I encourage all potential clients to meet me in person for this initial consultation, but we can certainly work remotely as needed.

Site visits are also very helpful but, like with the face-to-face consultation, not absolutely necessary. Once we are a team, we will continue to work closely with you right up until your event – brainstorming ideas, answering questions, calming nerves – any way that we can.


Do you have a price list?

We strive to make each event specific to the needs of the client. Please be forthright with us about your budget, and we will make sure to work within those boundaries, all the while providing you with the personalized attention you deserve.

Remember, as you plan, a number of things come into play when we estimate the charges: season, size, location and additional preferences unique to your vision. We will make sure to include these charges in the proposal.


How do I reserve your services for my wedding?

Once we have met or spoken, and you are happy with your proposal, we both sign an agreement which will include a deposit from you. Usually, there is an initial deposit and then the balance of your invoice is not due until 2 weeks before the event. (Larger events or destination events will occasionally require incremental payments.)


Can I make changes to the design proposal after we sign the contract?

Yes, we are happy to make changes to the proposal right up until 2 weeks before the wedding!


Can I see a prototype of the centerpieces or other items?

Absolutely! We are happy to do sample bouquets, centerpieces or full table mock-ups. We do charge for this service and clients must understand that seasonal flowers are not always available for an off-season sample.


How do you choose your flowers? Do you buy your flowers locally?

I personally select all the flowers that my team uses, paying special attention to quality while constantly searching for unusual varieties and colors.

We support local growers by using seasonal flowers and plants whenever possible. Some clients want locally-sourced flowers, and we can certainly make this happen, while others care more about globally-available varieties (e.g. peonies, hydrangea, roses, orchids, etc.), and we can make this happen too!


How does Sayles Livingston Design approach the environmental impacts of the event industry?

Our biggest challenges are energy efficiency, waste minimization, water consumption, procurement of products from likeminded eco-aware companies, and communication with other vendors and clients. At Sayles Livingston Design, we are extremely mindful of the potential environmental impacts from our business and are constantly endeavoring to make changes and improvements.



Because of our commitment to the environment, we work with you in advance to come up with a plan for the flowers, and any other perishables that are created because of your event. We have relationships with nonprofits etc. who can benefit from what is left behind, so please keep this in mind.



As I said, please feel free to reach out to us to clarify anything above or if you have any questions about me, or the design process, that I have not answered. Also, please take a moment to look at the Gallery Section of this website. The photos there will give you a real sense of what Sayles Livingston Design does best. Let us both impress you, and make things easier for you!